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One-Day Teeth
Replace a Failing Tooth, Bridge or Denture. A New Smile in One Appointment with Same-day Dental Implants

Replacement of Broken Teeth, Failing Root Canal with Dental Implants in
One Day

Known as immediate placement on extraction of your tooth and loading the implant with a temporary tooth.


Same Day Teeth (One Day Teeth) with Dental Implants

We refer to this term a lot in the world of Dental Implants and simply refers to the ability to place a Dental Implant and a temporary tooth in one visit.

Hence patients attend with either a missing or failing tooth, bridge or denture and we have the expertise to assess and place dental implants to replace these areas and give patients a new fixed smile in one appointment.

This method does require certain criteria to be met in order to carry out such treatment and this will be discussed with you during the initial examination we carry out.

Stages of Same Day Teeth Treatment

1. Examination and Special Investigations

2. Impressions and 3D Scans (When required).

3. Registration of Bite criteria and 3D model of proposed teeth / smile.

4. Construction of the teeth and surgiGuideĀ® prior to surgery. (Points 1-4 only will involve seeing the patient 2 times to prepare the teeth)

5. Placement of Implant(s) + Placement of teeth in one appointment.

‘iSmile’ is a Concept of Providing a Fixed Set of Teeth, Utilising a Minimum of 4 Dental Implants, Placed in a Specific Way

‘iSmile’ is a revolutionary technique which aims to cut down the amount of invasive surgery required to replace a set of missing teeth by using from only four dental implants sometimes we may place 5 or 6 implants and using the same concepts if required still at no additional cost to the iSmile package we offer here at Harley Dental.

We will assess you for suitability, take a CT scan of your mouth to check that your bone is of adequate for the iSmile implant concept. If you have teeth which are badly decaying or about to be lost, these will be removed first.

To place the four implants your dentist will need to make small incisions into your gum, using local anaesthetic. The jaw bone will be drilled into to create small hollows in which the implants can rest. Then the implants will be placed into the gum and the incision stitched up. In time, they will fuse with your jaw bone in a process called osseointegration. This gives your replacement teeth the maximum stability.

Two of the implants are placed at the front of the mouth, taking advantage of the dense jaw bone that exists there. The two implants at the back of the mouth are fitted up to a forty-five degree angle to allow maximum stability and take full advantage of the stronger bone in the front of the jaw. Crowns which support an arch of replacement teeth (known as a dental bridge) can then be attached to the socket of the implants.

‘iSmile’ Continued…

With ‘iSmile’ there is very rarely the need to wait for the mouth to heal. Permanent bridges can be fixed on the same day and patients can leave the dental surgery with a full set of replacement teeth intact and ready for use.

‘iSmile’ is not without controversy as some consider it too risky to rely on just four implants to support a full bridge of replacement teeth. However, the treatment remains popular and is generally successful. There is a risk of dental implants failing in all cases but the stakes are somewhat higher with ‘iSmile’ because if one of the implants fails then the whole mouth will probably have to be redone.

The ‘iSmile’ procedure, including the removal of teeth if necessary, the fitting of implants and the construction and fitting of the bridge, usually costs from Ā£12,000 for the upper or lower arch.

Variations in price will, of course, be noticeable dependant on bone availability and the degree of work involved. The simple solution is a patient whom has no teeth and is a denture wearer and present with sufficient bone – as these patients will need the least intervention to convert to a fixed bridge using this concept.

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