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Mouth Reconstructions
We Have the Advanced Technologies & Experience to Completely Rebuild a Long Lasting Smile, Even if You Have Little / No Teeth!

Full Mouth Reconstruction

In certain cases of patients with failing or missing teeth it is now possible to not only place dental implants but also to provide the new completed teeth in one day.

This approach requires careful planning from the CT scan data. We offer Dental Implant systems specifically designed for this purpose. In other cases where this technique is not possible we offer reconstruction of the gums, bone and teeth.

These procedures are complex and require careful planning from the onset whereby we focus on a multi-disciplinary approach to achieve the best possible result.

Full Arch Restorations

By this term we generally refer to the replacement of an entire set of teeth that may be diseased or failing due to gum disease, poor quality dental work – usually post crowns, failing multi tooth bridges whereby holding teeth may give up.

Our Approach is Simple

We will restore the dentition in the minimal amount of time and re-build lost tissue resulting in facial ageing. Generally there are 3 levels of these cases described below:

Failing Current Teeth

Due to structural but not advanced stage gum disease or lost teeth less than 1 year

1. We will provide a entire set of teeth in one surgical setting – placement of 6 – 10 Dental Implants – removal of diseased teeth, placement of new temporary then final ceramic teeth.

2. We will avoid use of dentures as far as possible leaving patients with a fixed set of teeth in one single visit.

Unfavourable Bone

Moderate loss due to disease or missing teeth greater than 1 year

1. Offer Complete reconstruction of the bone harvesting bone from other sites in the mouth.

2. Three staged surgical approach to graft bone -> Place Dental Implants -> Place Temporaries -> Place final ceramic teeth.

3. We will also offer alternatives for those whom do not wish to undergo bone grafting.

4. We have unique access to a German lab specialising in dental Implant prosthesis and will offer a Swing lock removable bridge that will replace lost tissue and facial support.