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We Understand How You Feel

We Understand How You Feel How would you feel if you were free from the pain and misery? Imagine being able to be more productive at work, take off fewer sick days. How fantastic would it be to be able to get on with your home life?

We know that migraines, headaches and chronic pain issues can also put pressure on personal relationships and often cause stress for your partner, they just don’t want to see you suffer. At Harley Dental in London, we have a special interest in managing migraines, headaches and jaw problems used to suffer with the crippling pain himself.


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Our Clinic

Our clinic is based in the heart of London’s medical district, Harley street.
We offer the latest technologies and comfortable air-conditioned surroundings.

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What is a Migraine?
Do you Experience the Following?

What is a Migraine?

Section 1:

  • Single sided pain?
  • Pulsating quality?
  • Moderate/severe pain?
  • Aggravation with or causing avoidance of physical activity?

Section 2:

During your Headache/Migraine have you experienced one of the following?

  • Nausea / Vomiting?
  • Sensitivity to light / sounds / strong smells?

If you answered yes to two answers from section 1, and one answer from section 2 then you suffer from migraines (as long as there is no other cause which can be found by your doctor or specialist). So if you suffer with a throbbing headache which is moderate to severe and you just want to ‘sleep it off’ then it’s probably a migraine


Lyndsey Had a Migraine Everyday

Lyndsey Had a Migraine EverydayThe flashing lights and other auras actually only happen in around 25% of migraines. It’s also very common to see numerous professionals and get no resolution of pain. Unfortunately, there is no magic cure and many people feel like they have to put up with the pain.

One such person was Lyndsey, who had a migraine everyday and rated it a 9/10 pain as a minimum.

She had seen numerous doctors and neurologists and had no relief.

Her medications made her feel even more tired, she was at risk of losing her job and she couldn’t make any plans with friends or family in case she developed a migraine. She had to fit what was left of her life around her pain.

Lyndsey was very skeptical about whether he could get any kind of pain relief for her. Lyndsey was so keen to get rid of her pain that she decided to undertake treatment. Lyndsey’s path to recover was not an easy one, however she is now completely pain free. She is performing much better at work and has even gotten married. Migraines are no longer a problem for her.


Honest & Ethical Approach to Treatment

Whilst treatment is incredibly effective, we are great believer’s in being completely honest and ethical in his approach. There is no miracle cure which gets rid of migraines, however our methods are effective for nearly 90% of sufferers and most people experience an 85% reduction in pain severity and frequency.

snap2217Book your Appointment at Harley Dental on 020 7486 5538 or 07760 766 807 (or Request a Brochure).
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We are located at: 121 Harley Street London W1G 6AX

Jaw Joint Problems (Also known as: TMJ – Temporo Mandibular Joint)

Is you jaw joint causing pain? Are you struggling to eat because of the pain? Is your jaw joint clicking?

tmj These are all signs of a jaw joint problem, and we understand how bad this pain can get

Harley Dental has renowned expert in managing these problems. We are immensely passionate about helping people because he has suffered with these problems himself.

We are dedicated to helping people get relief of pain wherever possible and absolutely love seeing my patients return and their pain dramatically reduced or in many cases completely gone. It’s so satisfying to hear stories about how they can get back to work and make social arrangements again because they know the pain is under control”

If you would like to get in control of you jaw joint problems, migraines or headaches then this is the place you belong. Our team are dedicated to looking after you to the best of their abilities.

Treatment for Migraines, Headaches and Jaw Joint Problems

treatmentWe offer a range of treatments which have been shown to be incredibly effective at managing migraine symptoms. In fact, one of the techniques used has FDA approval in the US at being the most effective treatment at managing medically diagnosed migraines.

The cornerstone of our treatment is a very specific type of bite guard for you to wear whilst you alseep. This bite guard does two things, firstly is dramatically reduces the intensity with which you can clench and grind your jaw. This RELAXES your muscles and dramatically reduces the amount of sensory overload going to your brain. This in return reduces the muscular fatigue and the pain associated with it and also dramatically improves your brain’s ability to cope. No matter whether you wake up with a migraine or it progresses during the day, this will still work with the same success rate.


It is important to understand that there are many different kinds of appliances but very few of them work, in addition the level of expertise required to refine them so that they work is very high. We have spent a lot of time learning this process and has even refined it further to gain better results.

We also use medical grade lasers to help promote healing from worn muscles and ligaments which can give migraine like symptoms. By combining these numerous therapies, we are in an excellent position to help you get in control of your pain.

Patient Consultation & Treatment Journey

your consultation

  1. Your journey with us will start with a free diagnostic consultation
  2. At this time we will listen to your symptoms and how they are affecting your life.
  3. It is important that you bring a list of any medications you are taking and a history of any special investigations such as MRI scans etc.
  4. At this stage, we can formulate a treatment plan based upon your symptoms and discuss any fees with you.
  5. If you are happy an appointment can be arranged to take a set of moulds and send these to his laboratory who will construct and program your bite guard based upon your symptoms.
  6. This is normally fitted 2 weeks later.
  7. If you need more special help including the use of low level laser therapy to promote healing this will also be discussed at your initial examination.


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snap2217To arrange an Appointment at Harley Dental (or Request a Brochure)
please call 020 7486 5538 or 07760 766 807.

Free Consultation
We are located at: 121 Harley Street London W1G 6AX

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

What types of problems do patients have?

We generally find that sufferers have the same types of problems which include any mix of throbbing pain, pain behind your eye, neurological problems associated with migraines, neck and shoulder pain, chronic fatigue and dental problems such as teeth continually breaking or generalised sensitivity.

I tried medication and did not work. Why has my medication not worked?

Quite simply because medication can mask the symptoms rather than address the main causes. Medications for migraines and headaches are not particularly effective. It’s important that you understand that we approach this from a completely different angle than doctors and neurologists. It just happens to be that he gets incredible success rates

We see so many patients who have already been on numerous medications for years if not decades, you may have already had bite guards, acupuncture, physiotherapy, treatments with osteopaths and chiropractors all with limited effect. Please don’t be disheartened, we still get the same results for all of our patients.

What about other treatments like massage, acupuncture, and other treatments?

Some treatments can help, but often only for a limited time. Again this is often because it’s not dealing with the main cause which is clenching and grinding of your teeth at night time. This process, known as parafunction or bruxism, causes muscular fatigue and overloads your brain with too much sensory information, wanting it to ‘shut down’ whilst it tries to catch up with this sensory overload.

What are Headaches due to bruxism (teeth grinding at night)?

The pain over the side of your face, over your temple and side of your skull, the pain around and behind your eye, neck and shoulder pain are ALL a DIRECT result of muscular fatigue caused by clenching and grinding. Now, a LOT of people just clench their jaws together so don’t actually grind, so there is often no noise and your partner will not hear you doing it. You have no control over this, and the treatments are based upon managing the intensity of this clenching and grinding habit

Your Bite & The Nervous System – What’s the connection?

Many dentists believe your bite needs to be ‘perfect’ in order to resolve these issues. In fact, most of our patients have had bite guards or bite adjustments in the past with little success. Up to date science shows your bite has nothing to do with these problems, rather it’s your neurology (i.e. your nervous system) which is the driving factor. The teeth merely get in the way. Therefore by allowing your nervous system to do whatever it’s programmed to do with minimal resistance that has a colossal impact on the pain symptoms

Why Don’t All Bite Guards Don’t work

There are literally hundreds of different types of bite guards, and the vast majority of them do not work or can make the problem worse. In fact, the right type of bite guard adjusted properly won’t work either! The right bite guard, adjusted correctly and worn whilst you sleep can turn your life around.