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First Consult
The Path to a Great Smile Lies in the Harmony and Balance Between the Face and Smile

Your First Visit to Harley Dental

Your dental implant, cosmetic or face consultation involves a one hour facial, dental and tissue examination.

We would expect to take medical, dental, social and lifestyle histories of our patients. And would ascertain expectations for specific treatment. We then would prescribe appropriate tests to finalize our diagnosis.

Once all examinations, radiographic investigations have been carried out we would provide our clients with a bespoke plan for their treatment. The plan will include potential levels of investment, timeframes including an exact number of attendances required, healing period, possible complications and risks/benefits of each of the options discussed in the plan.

During Your consultation you are given a complete treatment outline as well as the risks and benefits of each treatment and of course the exact costs of each stage as well as the options in writing.

Special Investigations

We would prescribe the following tests to aid our investigations for Dental Implant reconstruction:

1. Blood tests and medical investigations if deemed necessary.

2. CAT Scans (or 3D CT Scans) for the maxilla and mandible

3. Full diagnostic 3D wax construction of the smile and teeth construction of diagnostic radio-opaque markers.

4. Construction of 3D surgical Stents and finalized bridgework prior to surgery.