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Fees and Finance
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Professional Fees


Financial Options

Dental Implant fees vary according to the level of difficultly of a particular Implant, whether bone is sufficient and the type of quality of the final restoration(Crown). The treatment itself is complex and requires thorough examination and diagnostic tests such as CT Scans which indicate the 3D anatomy of the area to provide patients with absolute indication of what is really happening. Often we try to put a starting cost on the literature and work out costs from here.

We recommend using the fee structure outlined as a brief guide only.It is only once we have examined you and ascertained the necessary information and further discussed your budget we can bespoke a plan specifically for you. Also please note we include fees to correct failed implants placed at different centres. Often we have quaternary complex referrals from dentists and patients.

Finance now available 

1. 7.9% APR 3 year Dental Finance is also available or 0% over 10 months.

2. 2.5% discount on upfront payment.

3. Payment is staged and a typical implant treatment will take 4-6 months to complete.

Fee Structure at Harley Dental

Initial Diagnostics

Primary Consultation



Free Consultation Policy: A £10 deposit is required when booking your Free Consultation. This will be automatically refunded whether you commence treatment or not. The £10 deposit is non-refundable if you fail to attend a pre-arranged Free Consultation / Appointment

Complete examination and report £149
Dental 3D CT Scan formatted with radiographic report £225 Per Jaw (If required)
£200 Both Jaws (If required)
Study models and 3D wax ups £395

Dental Fee Guide

Dental Veneer Per tooth From From £495 
Dental Cosmetic Crown (Metal Free) From From £595
Zoom Ultra Combination whitening from £675
Cosmetic White fillings from £150
Cosmetic Dentures per jaw from £995
Root canal Therapy from £795
Dental Cosmetic Bonding from £495

Dental Implant Fees 

Single Implant Placement From £1,200
Restoration of Dental Implant using abutment and Crown From £1,500
Bone Reconstruction and / Or Sinus Grafting From £999 per gram material used

i-Smile™ (Complete) Fees

6 Dental Implants and 12 unit Fixed Ceramic Bridge for one jaw.
CT Scans and planning. (Excludes Sinus Grafting, temporary Immediate Bridge or Denture, Bone Regeneration and all extractions)
Learn More about i-Smile™>

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OFFER PRICE: From £10,995.00
Normal Price (£12,995.00) – Save £2,000.00or £230.81 per month (over 5 Years) 9.9% apr.*Monthly fee based on No Deposit. 0% Finance Available over 12 Months

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