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Non-surgical Facelift
Combining Botox, Dermal Fillers and Medical Lasers to Give You the Appearance of a Face Lift Without the Cost

Non-surgical Face Lift

What is Liquid Lift?

This non-surgical alternative to a face lift uses combinations of Botox, dermal fillers, and medical Lasers to give you the appearance of a face lift without the cost, down time, or any incisions. Botox will be used to reduce wrinkles and the fine lines around the eyes. Juvederm, Sculptra or other dermal fillers will be used to address the nasal labial folds, and can also be used for deep wrinkles and poor definition around the lips.

A laser is used to resurface the skin, improving tone, texture and clarity by stimulating new collagen production and removing pigmentation. For many people, men and women, this treatment can replace the surgical face lift giving you a more natural look that be adjusted over time to keep the look that you want.

The results are dramatic and leave you looking and feeling years younger.