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CT Scans
Dental CT Scans are Three Dimensional (3D) images of your jawbone and is used in Dental Implant procedures.

Dental CT Scans, X-rays, Digital X-rays and Dental Imaging in Dental Implant Procedures

Dental CT Scans are Three Dimensional images of your bone Р Below are some screen images of the information we gain that is invaluable to the dental Implant process as it allows to to visualise the placement in 3D. The main benefit is that as we know the anatomy of the site whereby the implant is placed we do not have to make large cuts (incisions) in the gum implants are placed through a very small hole in the gum therefore reducing healing time and post surgery discomfort and swelling.

Our scans take only 15 seconds and do not require you to lie supine instead you can sit up and have your scan. A 3D Scan does need to be prescribed by our dentists specifically for dental implant planning.This will be fully discussed with you at your examination appointment.