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Cosmetic Implant Dentistry
Fundementals: Harmony, Balance, Symmetry, Colour, Excellence of Artistry, Truthfulness, and Originality

Cosmetic Dentistry

Our complete and pragmatic approach to Dental Implant treatment extends to our skills in cosmetic dentistry. We offer  the full range of treatments.

As we are specifically trained in reconstruction to a high level of competence, cosmetically improving a smile for us is a simple everyday task. We can incorporate and offer both enhancement of the smile and face after initial consultations.

The Cosmetic Dental
& Facial Focus

“The quality that gives pleasure to the mind or senses and is associated with such properties as harmony of form or colour, excellence of artistry, truthfulness, and originality.” –the definition of beauty

These are the fundamental concepts one must understand when creating a smile. Balance of the teeth to the facial complex is the art form required. A communication with our world leading ceramist will create the smile.

As we are dealing with a very visual area of your smile we would initially take a high definition of your smile and face and analyse the various components and discuss aims with you on what you wish to improve about yourself.

We would act as a medium to allow you to make choices about what you may want to improve. We would then using our computer programs develop a visual representation of the end result prior to doing any cosmetic dentistry so we both understand the achievable result.

Our Methods of

Creating Your ‘Natural Looking’ Smile

Stage 1

Cosmetic Dental Implant Consultation

Thorough examination of your face, teeth and gums is carried out. Any outstanding dental work rectified and appropriate hygiene treatment prescribed and carried out. Standard screening X-rays are taken in accordance with the NICE (National institute of Clinical Excellence) UK guidelines.

Hi-resolution digital images of your smile are taken and sent for processing – here we will deliver back 2 or 3 different smile designs completed on a computerised software package. Once we have decided which design you prefer we would move forward to the next stage.

Examples of smile design software in use

Stage 2
3D Model Construction

After we have decided the type and style of teeth then we would construct a life size 3D model of your new smile. We can replicate your jaw movements very accurately on a device known as an articulator (see diagram) . This allows the ceramist to construct the finalized teeth in harmony with your joint movement of the mandible (Lower Jaw).

Stage 3
Exposure and Impressions of the Dental Implants to create ceramic teeth

On the day we would place temporary teeth based on the 3D construction so you can get a chance to see what your new smile will look like before we order the finalised ceramic.

The temporaries are made from an acrylic material and minor adjustments may be made at this point.

Once you are happy with the shape, colour and overall effects of the new smile we would take an accurate impression of these to be converted into pure ceramic for our ceramist to create life like teeth to your smile.

Stage 4

We would invite you to a try in appointment where the final restorations on the teeth are tried in your mouth to check the fit and accuracy.

Once we are happy we may fit these restorations at the try in appointment otherwise further fine tuning may be necessary by the lab. The temporaries are replaced and the final ceramic sent for minor adjustments – this may be in the bite or contour of the ceramic.

Stage 5

Once happy with the try in, the final ceramics are fitted and you can enjoy your new smile.