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Looking for Cheap Implants?
Why the Cheapest Dental Implants May Not Always the Best

 Points to Consider When Choosing a Dental Implant or Implant Dentist

by Dr Avik Dandapat
BDS(Birm), MFGDP(UK), Dip.Imp.Dent RCS(Eng), Adv.Cert, MSc (Implant Dentistry) University of Leeds

Whist the internet is filled with amazing cheap dental implants pricing ranges from £995 to £3,000 from one clinic to another – patients have to ask what is the difference?

cheap dental implantsDental Implants
or Same Day Teeth Implants are a long term investment for many patients and perhaps the cheapest deals have a lot to be desired. Would you buy the cheapest possible car? if so our roads would be filled with cheap cars. The fact is that in the UK there are over 300 manufacturers of dental implants, many of which are cheap to produce and provide. Combined with an overseas Dental laboratory these implants can be provided with very little background cost to a dentist.

Here I shall explain some pitfalls of dental implants and what patients should be looking out for before considering dental Implants.

Longevity and Clinical Evidence

The fact is that not all implants placed in you body are the same!

Often cheaper implants will be a compromise on the quality of work as well as the long term clinical trials required to deliver the adequate standards of care.

  • What happens in ten years to your teeth and implants as well as the clinic that has provided you treatment?
  • Will they be around then to rectify the issues that may arise ?

Patients must be very wary of the cost very cheap deals available and question the dentist about the type of implant being used and the long term evidence behind the system. The very fact is Dental Implants do sometimes go wrong as the human body is anything but 100% predictable.

“Dental Implants can improve the quality of patients life improving self esteem, ability to enjoy and taste food as well as social confidence. Tooth loss is difficult for many patients to accept however quick cheap solutions may not be the best idea either”

dental implant cost

With the recent controversy in the medical professional regarding the use of cheap PIP breast implants which left thousands of patients in a debilitated state requiring the NHS to remove the breast implants and the patients left in dismay as the health service did not replace the implants.

Would you want this to happen to your dental implants ? The clinic should provide a well evidenced system of implant manufacturer and will provide patients with a certain peace of mind for the future. As well as if you are considering going abroad for treatment there is no guarantee on treatment outcome and you could be left with a failing dental implant that could require someone with a high level of experience to correct that in the long run could cost you far more than you have saved by travelling abroad.

“All implant treatment carries risks of failure of the work, it is the approach that minimises the chances of failure and also extensive clinical examination and planning of each individual case”

When Dentists are offering cheaper deals often they have inadequate time to carry out all the extensive checks to reduce the possibility of failure. The clinic you choose should provide in most cases:

  • A CBCT scan
  • Clinical photographs
  • 3D models your teeth.
  • And also examination of the entire dentition
  • Provide each patient an individual dental report with all their findings.
  • They should include a short , medium and long term plan as well as a maintenance plan for you.

Surgeons Training in Implantology

Fact is that very few UK based dentists have the qualifications specific to dental implantology.

As there is no actual requirement to have formal qualifications in order to place and restore implants in the UK any dentist who may have even trained over a few weeks could provide this treatment. We feel dental implantology is a complex field of study and a minimal specific qualification either a recognised UK Diploma in Implants or Masters Degree should be desirable for patients requiring more complex dental implant work.

experienced implant dentist

The UK qualifications involve a long period of study , use of case examples and a formal examination to demonstrate a high level of understanding. As a patient you would like to know that whom ever is treating you has had the highest level of training and is deemed competent in providing you treatment. As well as using a well evidenced implant system.

When Choosing a Clinic – Ask the Following:

  1. How long has the clinic been providing dental implant treatment?

  2. What specific qualifications in Dental Implantology does the surgeon have?

  3. Which implant system is being provided and what are the surgeons success rates?

  4. What is the guarantee period?

  5. Is the clinic specifically designed to provide implant dentistry?

  6. Is a CT Scan required if not, why not?

As you can see there are many questions to be answered and the reality is that patients should be cautious about very cheap deals as often the offers and costs may reflect short comings of the treatment provided.

As a dentist providing a high level of care we and other well known established implant centre’s in the UK carry out all of the above and still offer good value to our patients but could not provide the treatment at the cheaper end of the market due to the time, expertise and implant manufacturers we choose to use.

“I believe that I would treat each patient as I would like to be treated myself with the highest standard of care and well evidenced implant brands” Dr Avik Dandapat